An Apartment Update and a Beautiful Sunset

Our apartment at the Ebeye Wellness Center is almost done! This is the building we'll be living in and our apartment is the one on the third floor with the balcony towards the camera.  
 I still don't know exactly when Earth and I will be moving over to Ebeye but when we do, the room we'll be renting will be perfect for us.  It's being completely remodeled and almost everything in it is new.

 The landlord bought a trundle bed just for Earth and I, so that we could have separate beds but not lose floor space during the day.

 This will be my kitchen- there will be a sink with running water, a microwave, and a mini-fridge, with storage above and below.  I think I'm going to get a toaster oven as well and then I'll be able to do all the cooking that I need to do.

  The installed a new TV and found us a collapsible table and chairs that can be taken down if we need more floor space when the trundle bed is pulled out.  The unit also comes with a brand new air conditioner!

  The bathroom is really nice, with a brand new vanity and mirror.  The plumbing pumps for the building run on solar power which means that there should always be running water (and that the toilet will always flush).  There isn't a water heater but living where the temperature is always between eighty and ninety degrees means the water never gets cold so I don't think we'll mind taking showers too much.  The shower space is all tile- nicer than my shower at home!

 The room comes with a gigantic closet space

and an extra little nook tucked in under the stairway.  I think I'm going to make this into a play space for Earth so that his toys aren't under foot...

  The slow pace of progress towards starting my job here started getting me down yesterday so when a friend invited us to meet them out to watch the sunset, I almost said no but Earth really needed to get out of the house so we went.  It turned out to be just what both of us needed.

Amazing sunset, goofy boy!


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    1. Awwe, thanks, Peniel! You're so sweet! Miss you and all the rest of the MOPS ladies


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