This and That (Picture Post)

There hasn't been any progress on the job or the apartment yet but I know it will eventually all come together, meaning that Earth and I won't have quite as much free time as we do now.  We're making the most of Kwajalein while we're living here, hitting all the beaches and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle with our old friends.

  A baby white fairy turn, almost done fledging

Earth got a haircut!  I borrowed clippers from a friend and was doing a good job of giving him a basic high-and-tight haircut until he turned his head- the clippers slipped and it turned into a full buzzcut...

At home, Earth refused to ride his bike at all but here where everyone does it, he's all about riding, even in the rain.

 Sometimes boring, rainy mornings call for a donut at the bakery

  Earth's godmother bough him a new toy and he loves it! We couldn't bring any toys with us so it's been nice for him to have something that he has this much fun playing with.

  We caught up with S and J, and sweet baby M, at the beach yesterday afternoon.  We've known them for almost 10 years now and it's been great to be able to spend so much time with them.

Earth has been missing D like crazy so when someone fun like J wants to play with him, he just soaks it up.  We're so lucky to have such great friends here that are willing to pour into us and to help ease Earth's broken heart.

  It looks like all I have left to do before I can start my job is have my medical evaluation and I hope to hear something about that tomorrow.  I checked on the apartment today and was told it should be ready by Wednesday.  While I love this chance to ease into our new little life here, I'm looking forward to being able to file Earth's paperwork so we can be that much closer to going home.


  1. I really feel for you, having to go through this! When I adopted Joel in 2002, I applied for a visa prior to going to the RMI, but the process had just changed to needing the visa, and they wanted me to travel with him to manilla to process the visa. His doctor was saying he was to sick to go, due to the polution. We ended up going home on humanitarian parole. Thankfully it was before the 2003 cut off date, and I was finally able to process his citizenship in 2010. Best wishes for a smooth short process!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post, Carole! It sounds like your process was a bit of a rollercoaster too but I'm glad to hear you were able to get your son's citizenship. Since he entered the US on humanitarian parole, did you need to apply for a green card for him be filing for naturalization?

  2. I did. His green card plus the visa and adoption papers were needed for naturalization.


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