My Artful Boys

November 30, 2020

Fire is an amazing artist! He loves to read comic books and graphic novels and redraw the pictures out of them.  This one is from one of his Pants vs Zombies books.  He has a great eye for detail and draws the pictures so well they look like they've been traces rather than drawn free hand.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2020

It's not Thanksgiving for our family without one of D's smoked turkeys!

Happy Birthday D!

November 22, 2020

Happy 45th birthday to the best husband and dad ever! 


Gluten Free Dairy Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream Pie

November 21, 2020

  I love sweets!  They're one of the things I've missed the most since I've had to switch to eating gluten-free and dairy-free.  I also love a challenge and wanted to make something for D's birthday that I could eat too.  With a little help from the interwebs, I cobbled together a chocolate cream pie that was gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious.

Swim Meet (and a lot of bragging on Sky)

November 5, 2020

 This girl says she wants to quit swim team but she's doing great at it!

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