Swim Meet (and a lot of bragging on Sky)

 This girl says she wants to quit swim team but she's doing great at it!

Fire didn't want his picture taken but since this post is mostly about Sky, I wanted to make sure I included him in some way. 
Water showing me his race list on his arm

And now on the bragging.  All the kids are doing great in swimming.  They're all getting faster and moving up heats with every race.  And the regular practices have the side bonuses of more scheduled time and more exercise.  If I'm being honest, as much as I love sports and want to encourage participation in my kids, I actually signed them up for swim team because of the side benefits.  I don't really care how well they swim but I do care that they're well-regulated mentally and emotionally and swim team helps provide that.
Sky has sensory processing disorder and swim team has been extra beneficial for her in meeting the input need that her SPD creates.  She is doing amazing at swim team and is smooth, light, and fast in the water.  As much as she says she wants to quit, her favorite stroke is breaststroke, which is one of the more demanding strokes, and she excels at the longer races.  

Sky swimming her first medley race

Sky winning her heat in breaststroke (she finished ahead by of everyone else by half the pool!)


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