Household Goods Arrive!

 Between travel restrictions and government slowdowns, it took a long time for D's orders to come through.  Unfortunately, D's work group couldn't push back his start date which ended up leaving us with two weeks to arrange a move.  Thanks to some amazing friends, it all came together and our first shipment of house hold goods arrived the other day.  

D and I were so busy directing the uncrating and unloading that I only took one photo of the inside of the house

Boxes and furniture everywhere- the whole house looked like this!

I hate to live in a mess and I always want to get things set up right away but this time, D and I made a deal:  we would set up the back porch so that at least one space would be done and I would have a place to escape the mess.  I love how it looks and can't wait to spend evenings out here!


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