Columbus Day Runabout

 Every year on the Kwaj, the Running Club hosts a half marathon on the Columbus Day holiday and D and I have done it (well, half of it) almost every year we lived here.  This year it was just me, no husband, no babies in jogging strollers, and I wasn't even sure I could run the whole thing since it's only been 10 weeks since my surgery. 
But I finished!  I ran the whole race and it felt great!
D brought the kids out to see me run and caught this picture of me coming into the finish line.

Feeling proud of myself! My total time for the run was 1:06:03

Just a little tired after the race- the longest I'd run since my surgery was three miles and even before that, I hadn't been able to run much for the last year.  I met my goal of running the whole thing and even managed to keep a steady 10 min/mile pace. 

  As I said, the Columbus Day Runabout is a family tradition for us so here's a little look back at some previous runs:

 No finish line picture but I love this one of Sky and D doing yoga after the run

Look how little Water was! 

Between D traveling, sickness, and the stress of trying to bring Earth home, we didn't do the run in 2015.  I really hope we can restart this as a family tradition.  I love the history of it for us and feel like it's a great reminder of how our family has grown and changed through the years.


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