An Afternoon at Camp Hamilton

Sunfish boats along the sea wall

D invested in two commercial-grade water inflatables and we set one of them up for the first time this afternoon.  It's a giant water seesaw!  It took a little bit to get the anchoring figured out, to make sure the wind and current didn't pull the floating out to sea, but once that was taken care of, the kids played on it for hours.

And where was I while the kids (and D!) were playing on the inflatable?  I was in a chair on the seawall enjoying the shade and my new book! I love that the kids are all old enough now that I don't have to be right in the water with them all the time.  It makes beach trips so much more relaxing for me, which makes them more fun for everyone. 

Sky's new friend C joined us at the beach

Selfie with my girl!


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