First Swim Meet

These three cuties had their first swim meet of the season this past weekend! 
They were all in four races to see how they did with the pace of the meet and in the first heat of each race since they didn't have an established time.  Water was first in all but one of his races, Sky was either first or second, and Fire was usually second or third.  More importantly, they all tried their best and were invested in the meet- through out the entire event, they constantly checked the schedule to make sure they didn't miss their races.  I'm really proud of their hard work and thankful we have the opportunity for them to participate in a sport that working out so well for all of them.

Highlight of the meet for Sky: shave ice!

Water hasn't learned how to dive in yet so when it was his turn to race he cannonballed!

Earth was there for the entire meet, watching his sister and brothers and running around with his friends.  Although he technically could qualify for swim team, we thought the workouts would be too much for him so he's waiting to start until next year.



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