Shopping Day on Ebeye

One morning this past weekend, I took Sky and friend shopping on Ebeye.
The girls checked out the beach and the nearby playground,
had lunch,
and ice cream.

And of course, we went shopping!  Sky and E both picked out new skirts and also both bought treats and toys that you can't get on Kwajalein.  The girls had fun and it was nice to be back on Ebeye as a tourist again.

Also, this happened.  
Sky reacted really badly to Ebeye when she and the rest of the family visited Earth and I at Christmas.  I think she was old enough to realize how different where we were living was from the life we used to have and that it made her sad and of course, it came out as mad.  She has been anxious both time that we've gone to Ebeye since we've moved back and this time on the way over, she cuddled into me and took my hand.  Like I always did with Earth when he was sad during our last year, I hugged her and said, "I am here and you are fine.  Mama will always protect you"  She relaxed a bit and smiled but didn't let go of my hand.


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