In This Season

June 28, 2016

  Hello blog, have you missed me like I've missed you?  This moment to sit down and write is so rare, I almost don't know how to use it. I genuinely long for the mornings when I could sit at the computer with my coffee to post photos and share the stories of my family's life.  As much as I miss it, I want to be present in my kids lives while I have the opportunity, not always wondering how I can turn today into a the perfect blog post.  I want them to remember me reading and playing with them, not trying to get just the right photo to share here.
  I used to have the time and energy in my life for that but right now I need to focus on them, and on me, so in this moment, in this season, my blog is silent. I can still be reached through my email address (found on my profile page) or through comments left here.
  Good bye for now!

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