A Little Me Time

  My friends, this summer started to get a little long at the end.  While it was a great one overall and while we made the most of it, towards the end my patience was running out and my temper was frayed.  I felt like I was always tired,   that I was yelling all the time,  and like nothing was fun anymore.  When I found out that a friend was going to be in Iowa for a short time, I looked into tickets and found a great deal with my airline miles.  A few text messages later and my trip was planned:  I was flying to Iowa for the weekend to see my friend, stay with my mom, and just be away for a bit.
Can you tell we're in Iowa?!

Let me tell you a little about my friend Andrea:  she's from Iowa but has been a missionary in Guatemala for the last three years.  She's an amazing woman and her family are the hands and feet of Jesus, teaching at a Bible college and working in the community to spread His love. She blogs about it here: Farriers of Faith. I'm in awe of her.  We met years ago through this blog and have been emailing ever since.  We talk about everything and have gotten to know each other really well but had never been able to meet in person.  We finally made it happen!  It was so great to sit down across from her and have a real conversation!    We talked for almost three hours and I could have spent all day there.  It was such a blessing to have that kind of time with a true friend.

  I spent the rest of the weekend with my mom (and took zero pictures, apparently).  We talked, ate, watched Sister Act, discussed some renovation projects around her house, and just relaxed.  I read books, sewed, and didn't worry about anyone but myself.  I've been so amazingly relaxed every since I got back- I don't think I've yelled once.  I guess I needed a break more than I thought I did! 
  This mom job is hard.  I'm so glad I get to do it, to be the one that's there for my kids, but I'm so much better at it after a short break.  


  1. my heart is singing for you. love you and miss you
    Auntie Lu


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