Super in 2nd Grade and Rocky in Kindergarten

We're about six weeks into the school year so I figured it's about time for an update.  Really, the blog title says it all: Sky is doing fabulous and Fire is doing not-so-fabulous.

  Sky loves her teacher and her classmates and has gotten an A on every test and assignment so far.  She's excelling in every subject and loves going to school every day.  I wasn't sure how she'd do stepping right into school after her trip to Kansas but she's done great.  Sky is in an amazingly good place right now and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

  Fire is struggling to find his way a bit in Kindergarten.  He didn't know anyone in his class and desperately missed his friends and teachers from pre-school.  He's gotten notes sent home from the teacher three weeks in a row, once for not listening at all during the day, once for writing on the desk and then saying, "I don't care" to his teacher, and once for making noises all day and disrupting the class.  His teacher is a wonderful woman with 25 years of experience who can recognize the normal range of behaviors in a Kindergartner and it's so nice to have someone with that kind of experience confirm what we've been saying for years: Fire needs some help.
  He's a sweet boy at heart but has both behavioral and emotional issues that we can't seem to help him with.  His teacher is going to refer him for speech and behavioral services at the school and we're in the process of gathering all his past records for the therapists there to review.  I truly hope we can find a way to help Fire overcome these stumbling blocks- it's so hard to see him struggling.

After all that seriousness, I'll end with a funny picture, taken  before school last week


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