Decorating for Fall

 Just like last year, maybe if I decorate for fall, it'll start feeling like fall?  It may have worked because it looks like we're done with 100 degree days for the year.  I'm sure 95 doesn't sound that cool to you but those five degrees make a big difference here and pretty soon, it'll be cool enough that we can open up the house at night.  It's almost my favorite time of year here and I can't wait!
  I added some decorations out front this year; not much just a sweet door sign and some sunflowers but I think it cheers things up a bit

I used the same decorations in the dining area nook as last year although because of Earth's curious (destructive) tendencies, I decided not to put falling leaves on the windows and just used my sign and garlands

I love this table centerpiece!  Everything about it makes me happy.  Unfortunately, it makes Earth happy to because it's full of balls.  I've been trying hard to keep him out of them and D had a field day making all the kids say, "Don't touch Mama's balls!"  Life with boys...

  How sweet does that little bowl of pumpkins and scarecrow look on the counter?!

I found a pillow to brighten up my sitting area and sweet little pumpkin for the coffee table.  All I need now is fall scented candle...

Is it cooling off where you are yet?  Do you decorate for fall or do you jump right into Halloween?


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