We do love our weekends here in America!  They've been quiet over the last month while we adjust to our new regular schedule but this weekend, we got back into it.
Friday morning started with a run

and the boys taking my (home-made!) English muffins.  We spent the rest of day playing with friends and then had a quiet family evening.

On Saturday, I took the bigger kids to a special show put on by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra
  Despite those adorable smiles, the kids weren't actually that excited to be there.  I forced them to go because access to activities like this is one of the reasons we moved back to the States.  I think it's important to take advantage of all the opportunities like this that we can, so that they have exposure to things besides TV shows while they're young, even if it means some antsy kids on a Saturday morning.

That evening we went to Greek Fest.  None of us are Greek but the kids get in free and again, it gets them some cultural exposure. The kids loved the saganaki again

 and D and I took out some gyros like nobodies business.

 The kids played on the playground
 and on the inflatables

  and we enjoyed some music before calling it an early night when the crowds started arriving at sunset

Sunday started with Nutella waffles before church

and ended with Captain Underpants
(I swore I would never let the kids watch this movie!  They were obsessed with it from the very first trailer but it just looked like too much potty humor.  They finally wore me down but at least I got it through Redbox instead of paying theater prices fro it.  And of course, the kids thought it was hilarious!)

How was your weekend?


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