Water's Second Family Day and Some Great Weekending

I've said it before that we love weekends here!  Sure, we had weekends on Kwaj but for some reason, they just weren't the same.  We are definitely making the most of it and this past weekend was no exception.  We started by celebrating Water's second Family Day:

2016 Family Day photo with Mama



2016 Family Day photo with Daddy

This is actually D's first family day with Water, since D was in Hawaii with the Sky and Fire when we had our court hearing and in the US last year.
 I still remember how stressful the time surrounding his court date and our return to Kwaj.  There was just so much that needed to happen just right and although I prayed hard and did everything I could to make it happen, I was terrified that something would go wrong.  In the end, everything went smoothly that I cried with relief in the Seattle passport office.

Normally we have a little family celebration for Family Day but this year things worked out a little differently.  Water still got to have his favorite meal (pizza) but it was with our baby sitters since D and I went out on a date that night (don't feel too bad for Water- he loves our baby sitters and he probably had way more fun fishing with them than he would have had at the house with us!).

D and I waiting for the train
For our big anniversary date, D and I went out on a fundraising dinner for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.  We rode the light rail around town to four different restaurants for a progressive dinner before heading to the concert hall for the symphony's opening night show.
Desert was donuts- yum!

Saturday started with the waffle buffet at Crossroads

 Trying to capture the chaos of six people at one table

From there we headed out to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum's annual plant sale
Sky loved the animal and insect displays and kept going back to the butterfly table.  The docents there were so sweet to her and let her try on their butterfly wings.
D bought several cacti at the sale and when he tried to plant them, one of them decided some revenge was in order.  I had to use pliers to get the spines out of his foot!

Having only three kids home made D and I feel bold (Sky was at a friends house) so we headed back into Tucson for the Greek Festival.  It was pretty crowded and not really set up for kids but the food was great and we got to see some traditional Greek dances while we had dinner.

The boys LOVED the kefalograviera cheese!

 This boy LOVED some playtime with his daddy!

We wrapped up the weekend at a birthday party for one of Fire's school friends.  They live out in the country (desert?) and they hired horses for the party. 

I think Fire like the ride but I think he liked getting off and playing in their dirt pile more (sorry, no pictures of that!)

What a busy weekend!  We had so much fun that it almost felt like a stay-cation.  How do you like your weekends?  Do you get up and out or spend the day relaxing at home?


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