Earth's First Birthday!

  Happy Birthday Earth!  You've ridden our planet one whole time around the sun and gone from being a tiny little baby to a crawling, babbling, engaging, into-everything little person! 
  You were an unexpected addition to our family from the beginning and there was so much uncertainty around your homecoming but in the end, it was worth every bit of everything to have our family so complete.
  Sky and Fire adore you and compete to hold and play with you (unless you get into their cars or legos, like little brothers do) and even though Water has hard time being gentle with you sometimes, he really does love you very much.
  You're finally (finally!) sleeping through the night regularly.  You have six teeth now and two more are coming in.  You refuse to eat baby food any more and would eat bananas and graham crackers all day long if I would let you.  You crawl everywhere (in an half-bear crawl, just like Fire did) and can pull yourself up to standing.  I don't think you're quite ready for steps yet but I think you'll be walking pretty soon.
  Happy Birthday Earth!  I can't wait to see what the next year holds for you!

  We celebrated Earth's birthday pretty quietly with a water play afternoon

   and some ice cream

  We had a small family party for you too with a little cake

  You didn't know what to make of it since you haven't had too many sweets
but your sister helped you figure out what to do with it

  Everyone helped you open and play with your presents

And we spent the rest of the evening doing what you like best- playing outside. 

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  You are a joy every day and we're so lucky to have you in our family!


  1. Happy Birthday Earth! and by the way, the family photo at the top of the blog- ermagahhhhhh!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, that photo pretty much sums up our family: D and I are trying to make it fun, most of the kids aren't sold and one of them is about to cry but in the end, it turns out pretty great :)

      (and it works so amazingly well with my blog template- thanks again for the etsy suggestion!)


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