Floor and Kitchen Renovation 2016: Getting Ready

  D calls me a stress junkie and he's probably right.  It wasn't enough for us to pack up our whole family and move halfway around the world right after bringing home a new baby.  No, we have to go back around the world to Thailand for a wedding not even a year later.  You think that's a lot?  We don't go half-measures in this family so we're also renovating our kitchen and all the tile floors at the same time.  Yup, we're nuts.
  Since we moved to this house in January, we've redone the backyard and done a few small projects in the house while we worked on the kitchen design.  In the current layout, which is standard for this model of home, there is almost no prep space and a lot of wasted (inaccessible) storage space.

  We will be removing island and creating a peninsula in it's place with a lazy susan cabinet in the corner for better storage. We'll be extending the counter to the window to keep the kitchen area from getting to cramped and the lonely cabinet between the windows will be replaced with open shelving for a more modern look.   All the cabinets and counter tops will be replaced and we'll be putting in a new sink and faucet as well.

  The pantry structure will also be removed and replaced with much more useful cabinet and counter top space.

  D and I have gone back on forth on the floors in this house.  On one hand, the tile was installed just before we bought the house so it's brand new and it seems so wasteful to rip it up.  On the other hand, it was installed very badly (and right on top of linoleum!) so it doesn't look good and is already coming up in some places. 

We finally decided that if we were ever going to redo the floor, it needed to be done now as a part of the kitchen renovation.  Rather than putting down tile or wood, we've decided to go with polished concrete.  We're going to have the house slab stained a saltillo color with a matte finish.  I think it will work well with the style of the home and look really striking as well.

  The work will start in early October and should last for 5-6 weeks.  We'll be in Thailand for part of that but for a bit before and few weeks after, we'll be camping in our own house.  I'm not looking forward to that part but I can't wait to have a more functional (and beautiful) kitchen.


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