Before and After: Backyard Remodel

Our first remodeling project at the new house is finished!  We started with the back because we knew we would need a kid-friendly space for the kids while we worked on the remodeling inside the house.  The whole project was finished in a week and we love the way it turned out. 

This is how the backyard looked when we moved in:
It's all rocks (three different colors!) and an oddly shaped patio.  Not really a welcoming place for kids to play and of course, the first time they played back here they threw rocks at each other.  Something definitely had to be done.  

We took bids from several companies for the landscaping and settled on Desert Valley Landscaping.  D has always said that he wanted a saguaro cactus in the yard so he picked one out when he paid the deposit.  The cactus was the first thing put in: 

David was very happy to see it when he got home from work that night:

The scope of the landscaping project included extending the patio area and replacing much of the rock area with AstroTurf.  The work transformed the backyard:

The playground was installed on Friday while Sky and Fire were at school (Sky helped pick it out but we wanted it's arrival to be a surprise).  It fit perfectly into the landscaped space, with soft places to land on the AstroTurf and plenty of room to run around it.

The kids love it!  Both Sky and Fire were surprised and elated when they saw it and didn't come in from playing until it was too dark to see.  They love everything about it and can always find something to do when they're outside.  I always wanted something like this for the kids when we lived on Kwaj and I'm so happy we were able to give them an amazing back yard here.

Sky figured out how to do this all by herself:

Our first remodel was successful- on time and on budget and the whole family is happy with the way it turned out.  We're going to start tackling some indoor projects soon and I'm hopeful (as always) that they'll turn out just as well.  Have you done any remodeling in your home?  How did it come out?

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  1. How fun! I'm so glad to see that the kids were as excited to see it as you had hoped. I can't wait to see how the rest of the remodeling goes. :)

    1. Isn't it nice when something goes the way you hope it will? It's been great to have some place fun and safe for the kids to play.
      Believe me, I'll be sharing our remodel here so keep reading!


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