Pink Hair and Baby food

We promised Sky ages ago that if she could stop chewing on her hair, we would let her get pink stripes in it.  She's finally conquered her habit and earned her stripes.  My cousin's wife's sister (hurray for living near family again!) does hair and came down to our house to put them in for Sky.
  They are bright but still subtle- the perfect surprising touch for a 6-year-old.  Sky didn't love having to sit for so long to get them done but did enjoy all the attention that she got when she went to school with them for the first time.  

  This was a big weekend for Earth too, since he tried baby food for the first time.
I had bought a jar that was on sale and thought we could try it since he's been so hungry lately.  He's still only 5 months old so I totally expected him to spit the food right out but instead he ate half the jar of sweet potatoes and cried for more.  Such a big boy already!  Looks like it's time to dig out the high chair and start making baby food again...


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