High Five for Friday #33: Date Night!

 High five, friends, it's Friday!  Our week was super for a few reasons, the biggest of which was that we seem to have shaken the flu.  Sky and Fire are back at school and life is moving forward in our home again.  Here's some highlights from our week:

Our first date night in the States! 

The kids stayed home with a sitter, we got dressed up, and hit the town.  And by hit the town, I mean that we did our weekly CSA pick up and went out for dinner.  It was so nice to have the time and space just to talk, even if we did spend most of it talking about the kids.  

Slowly making this house into a home

 We have been rearranging the family room, our main living area to try and find the layout that works best (love the real life that you see in these pictures- I didn't even pick up the books for the last picture!) and we've finally settled on one.  I also started putting together our new furniture from Ikea, like the Kivik sofa.  They say their cushions are fully washable and we're going to test that for them!

Hitting the pool for the first time

It was finally warm enough to take the kids to the pool this week.  Our the club house at our development offers some child care so Earth and Water stayed there while Fire and Sky got in the water.  It's been a few months since they've been swimming so it took them a little while to warm up but soon they were jumping and splashing like crazy kids.  I have a feeling we're going to live at the pool this summer...

Race cars at the grocery store

Fire LOVES race cars and when I saw that there was going to be a car show at the local grocery store parking lot, we made plans to check it out.  The pictures don't capture it but Fire was over the moon to see all the cars ("Race cars like 'ightning Queen?").

This kid was over the moon about the free popcorn

D accidentally bought a Jeep 
No, seriously, he bought a Jeep without meaning too.  Oh, Ebay, you tricky thing.  So now we have three used cars for two drivers.  I'm still shaking my head.

How was your week?  Did your husband buy a Jeep too? 


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