Maybe I'll Laugh About This Later

  Maybe I'll laugh with D about this later but right now, all I want to do is tear my hair out and sob.  Elizabeth was supposed to fly to Kwaj with the baby today but she wasn't on the plane.  I didn't stay long to talk to Job when he arrived but it sounds like they thought I bought the ticket on Air Marshall Islands rather than United. 
  It sounds like a joke, right?  A simple cultural miscommunication: "their" go-to airline is AMI and "ours" is United. It never occurred to me to clarify which airline I'd bought the ticket on.  Funny, right?  It might be except that I've been so spun up by everything surrounding this adoption that I'm just wrecked by this falling through.
  There was a plan (I should know by now better than to hang my hopes on plans made in the Marshall Islands!) for Elizabeth to arrive today and finish the custody paperwork with Job before the weekend.  The baby was going to come to stay with us starting Saturday.  I was ready for the challenge, ready for the distraction, and really ready to have some kind of answer to all this. 
   I'm sure someday this will be funny.  Someday this will be a great part of Earth's story, and I know that everything happens for a reason, bur right now, I just want my baby home with me.


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