High Five #26: By the Numbers

High five my friends, it's Friday!  Since I'm very outnumbered here right now, I thought I do this week's review by the numbers. 

 In our house right now, the parent-to-kid ratio is a little skewed.  It's currently 1:3 because D got on an airplane the other day.  He's flying off to all these places
 to do something that has to do with what was put on hold when we found out about this little number:

If you've stopped by the blog in the last two weeks, then you know that my sister Elizabeth had her baby, it was a boy (she thought she was going to have a girl), and that we'll be adopting the baby.  He'll be called Earth on the blog.  We don't know when he'll be coming home but based on our previous adoption experience here, I'm guessing it will be late October.  I can't wait to meet this little peanut!
He looks so much like Fire.  It'll be interesting to see if he has any of Fire's personality (although I really hope he sleeps better than Fire did).  

In an interesting twist, my mom figured these numbers out:  Earth was born 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day after
Water's Family Day, the day we celebrate his adoption, was this week.  Usually we celebrate by having their favorite meal but in Fire's case we would have all had milk for dinner, since he's just coming off a bit of stomach flu and doesn't want to eat anything.  I'm planning on making him some cupcakes when he's back to being his normal eating-machine self.

Water's current favorite toy?  The mini-vacuum.  We see this scene at least once a day here:

This boy might be number four on the list today but he's number one when it comes to missing his daddy!  Fire's slight language delays plus that terrible 3-year-old transition phase mean that the D-shaped hole in our family feels particularly large to him right now. 

 Sky is number one on my list right now for how well she's handling D being gone.  Transitions are very hard for her but she's taking this one in stride.  She did her first book report this week,
is loving being one of the big kids in her dance class,
and finished her first round of swimming lessons this week.

Here's a numbers question to finish things up: how many kids do you think it takes to qualify for "big family" status?  A friend told me that we were there now that we will have four.  I agree that four is a lot of kids (at least for us) but are we a big family?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on family numbers.

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  1. Hi Amber - Hope D is getting to see the start of Fall and some leaves changing color in the US. Beautiful pictures of your family. Yes, I guess a family of 6 seems big, but we have many friends who also have 4 kids, so it is not uncommon either! Hope you are doing well as you re think all those baby girl clothes into a plan for Earth. He is a beautiful child! Lois


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