High Five for Friday #25: Fashion Blogger Fail Edition

 High Five for Friday, everyone!  Hurray for the weekend!  Most of this week's five involve clothes so I guess this is where you learn why I'm not a fashion blogger.

I thought I'd try something new this week for the blog: Island Fashion.  Don't go book marking my page just yet, because it looks like it's going to be non-starter.  I only remembered to take pictures of my outfits two days this week and while I do put effort into what I wear, these clothes don't really lend themselves to fashion blogging!

This girl, on the other hand, is developing a very distinct sense of style.  She picks out her clothes every day and I love seeing what she comes up with.

 I dress my boys pretty simply, in clothes that they can run and play in.  Here, that means shorts and T-shirts.  See the shirt that Water's wearing?  It's Fire's shirt.  He wore it to school last week.  It's 3T and it's only a little large on my one year old.  The shirt's not small- my baby is huge!

 This one isn't so much about the clothes as it is about what was in them.  We don't go to the beach as much as we probably should and this is one of the reasons why.  All that sand was in Fire's swim trunks after a morning at the beach.  Multiply that by three kids, add in some in their towels and you've got a whole lot of sweeping to do (and a wrecked washing machine if you forget to shake out the swim suits before throwing them in).

 Look who's giving up his morning nap! 
 (This has nothing to do with clothes, I just love the picture.  D is trying to put Water to sleep and Water isn't having it.)

Do you spend time on what you wear or do you throw on what's nearest at hand?  Do you let your kids pick out their own clothes or do you do it?  Is there anything you will or won't let them wear?

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  1. Cute photos :) For now I dress my baby in whatever onesie is next in the pile. I put a lot more thought into how I dress myself for work though heh

    1. Thanks Julie, you're sweet. Let's not even talk about how bad the photo quality was, or the fact that I didn't clean off my dresser before I took them! And yes, easy comes first for the kids. I've actually just started having my older two pick their clothes out before they go to bed the night before and mornings are going a bit smother because of it.


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