High Five for Friday #24: Anniversary Edition

  High Five for Friday and congrats on making it through another week!  I don't know about you but I'm ready for a three day weekend.  As long as the weather cooperates, we'll be spending a big part of ours in classic Kwaj style: at the beach. 
  How was your week?  Ours was pretty good- a few highs and not too many lows.  Here's a quick recap:

D and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this week.  We talked about doing something special but ended up just meeting for lunch and then watching a movie together that evening.  We are some hard partiers!

Swimming lessons started this week.  They started with a skills assessment and I was pretty nervous that Sky wouldn't do all the things she was capable of but she surprised me.  She did everything the instructor asked, including jumping into the deep end.  I was so proud of her just for trying, since she sometimes lets her fear of new situations keep her from pushing herself. 

Having one of her BFFs in the class with her helped too (although they talked the whole time and got in a little trouble for not paying attention!)

The weather has been great this week and it's a welcome change.  It's been a wet and chilly year here, and with three more typhoons lined up in the Pacific, there's more to come.  This week was bright, sunny, and breezy, and we tried to spend as much time outside as possible. 
We also had some fabulous sunsets:

Fire loves his new PJs and it's a good thing too because we're going through a lot of them these days.  Why?  Night time potty training.  D is hoping to have Fire off of night diapers before the baby comes home but we've had four very wet mornings so far.  Sky night-trained herself so we don't have a lot of experience in this area.  Got any tips on how we can help Fire learn to hold it at night?

A little bird (okay, it was Ms B) told us the other day that she'd heard that Elizabeth was in labor.  In true Marshall Islands adoption fashion, that's all the news we have.  Apparently Jobe tried to call last night but couldn't get through.  He's going to try again tonight so maybe there'll be some more information tomorrow.  I guess it's a good things I started getting ready for the baby because she might be coming home sooner than we expected! 

Do you have any plans for Labor Day weekend? 

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  1. That is a gorgeous sunset!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Yes, we're pretty lucky with sunsets here- although it's started raining again so it may be a few days before we see another one.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Well, happy anniversary! And exciting, a new baby right around Labor Day, how appropriate ;)
    Would love to have you link this up to my #GratitudeGoals linky :)

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for reading. I never put that together- laboring through Labor day! We still haven't had any news but if that's when the baby's born, I'll tell my sister Elizabeth about it.
      Thanks for the tip about your link-up. I added my blog to it and I'll put your button on my link up page.

  3. Lots of places has greats sunsets, but the ones on Kwaj are on another level. You could not possibly have a better view of the ENTIRE skyline. I spent a very (very) short amount of time on that little island, but the sunsets (and sunrises) were very memorable!

    1. They are amazing, aren't they? We were at a PCS party at Emon beach and a friend took that picture for me by the jetty. When were you on Kwaj?

  4. Night time help for the potty - cut off all liquids after dinner time. Then, wait, some take longer than others. Lovely sunset and a beautiful surroundings. Gratitude and Goals

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for the advice. He already doesn't drink anything after dinner but it hasn't helped. I'm not sure he's ready but D wants to keep trying. I pulled out the big guns and offered him a Hot Wheels fire truck if he's dry in the morning. Maybe he just needs a little more incentive?


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