Nesting for Number Four

  It's September and the surprise addition is due to be born some time this month.  Between the busy-ness of our lives and my own difficulty accepting this turn in our lives, I'd been putting it off doing anything to get ready, beyond accruing some baby clothes.  This weekend I found some free time and got started nesting for our new baby.  Since this is our fourth child in four and a half years (over-achievers, making up for lost time, call it what you will!) we have most of the things we need.  I dug out our Moses basket and a baby blanket, found the baby monitor, and cleared space in the low-boy dresser in Water's room. 
  Since there will be six of us in a 3 bedroom house, the current plan is to have the baby sleep in our room until she (Elizabeth has always said that it's a girl and I hope she's right because I just bought a bunch of second-hand girls clothes!) outgrows the Moses basket.  When we're ready to move the baby to the crib, we'll switch to a boy's room-girl's room set up, with Water and Fire sharing one room and Sky and the baby sharing another. 
  We still don't know when the new baby will be coming home to us but our best guess is later in October.  My RMI law, the court date must be at least 30 days after the baby's birth.  That means that even if the baby is born today, the earliest we could go to court would be the first week of October.  I'm guessing there will be some delays in getting Jobe's notarized consent, since he didn't want to travel to Majuro for court, and then a wait for an open court date.  All that adds up to it being at least 6 weeks before we'll need any of these baby things.
  I'm so glad that I made the time to do this, even though there's still a wait.  I'm getting genuinely excited and having to hold my tongue when I see Ms B in the morning, to keep from asking her if she's heard anything from Elizabeth in Majuro!

We bought the fabric for these dresses on Kosrae.  Sky loved hers and put it on as soon as we got them from the seamstress.  She's super excited that she and her little sister will match!

When my friend told me she had a swing for us, I wasn't expecting this luxurious, barely used one to arrive on my back porch.  We haven't used swings in the past (bouncy chairs are more our style and fit our small house a little better) but I think we're going to use this one, since it can't be picked up by over-zealous older siblings and will keep the baby (mostly) out of Water's reach.

How have you prepared your home (and your heart) for you children?  What are your must-have baby supplies? 

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  1. i am so excited for you guys. and once upon a time, all four of my boys were under four years old. it was very challenging. but we made it! and it gets so much easier. i know y'all can do it! i can't wait to hear more about your newest little one and how your bigger ones adjust.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I promise, we're only copying you a little :)
      We still haven't gotten any news about the baby. Sky is super excited to have another baby in the house and asks about when she'll be coming home


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