What The First Day of Kindergarten Looks Like Here

  My girl was so brave today!  Sky has been attending the same preschool, with the same teachers, for three and a half years, and going to Kindergarten means giving that up.  Sky struggles with transitions and she's been acting out her anxiety about this one for the last few weeks as we've transitioned her out of daycare.  I was expecting the same big emotions this morning but beyond refusing to take a "first day of school" picture, she did great.  There wasn't any excitement but there wasn't any balking either.  Somewhere in all that nervousness, there was a little girl excited for something new.
  Sky is ready to be in school- ready for the structure, the higher level of expectations, and the broader horizons that Kindergarten will bring.  I am truly hopeful that she will thrive in her class and that school will be someplace exciting and fun, someplace where she feels safe enough to let her guard down and enjoy herself.


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