High Five for Friday #23: So Glad to Be Here

  High five, we made it to Friday again!  I'm so glad to be here.  Not here, in this space (although I do love my blog space and my three lovely readers!) but here in this time, at the end of August.  Between Kwaj's amazingly bad weather this summer and the heavy feeling of waiting (for Kindergarten to start, for D to get a job offer, for baby number 4 to come), these last few months have felt ridiculously long and seemed to pass very slowly.  We're not great at waiting but we made it to here, relatively intact and still loving each other.

  The cascade of beginnings started this week with Sky starting Kindergarten.   She was understandably nervous about starting school but loved it, like we hoped she would.  She comes home still full of energy but it's joyful instead of frenetic.  She's being challenged and praised and is using her amazing brain all day and it's so good for her.  Life is so much easier for all of when Sky is happy.  D and I feel like we have some space to recharge our batteries and we've been handling the regular stresses of parenting so much better over the last few days because of it.

Soccer starts next week!  While I love my family and am happy to do everything that I do for them, I crave something for myself.  For the last five years, that thing has been soccer.  I feel like I've found my niche as goalie and am really looking forward to another three months of mud, sweat, and skinned knees with my wonderful team mates.

Sky starts dance and swimming lessons soon!  Between these two activities and my twice-a-week soccer games, our family calendar is going to fill up really quickly.  We're okay with it because Sky does best when she has a lot of healthy outlets for her energy (and because we live on Kwaj and won't have to drive her her to any of it. Hurray for island life!)

  From the beginning, my sister Elizabeth has told us that the baby is due in September.  When in September?  I have no idea.  The baby could be born tomorrow or in five weeks.  To be fair, Elizabeth doesn't know either- due dates aren't that given that specifically here.  This is the first time we've been in the position of actually waiting for a child to be born (Water doesn't count) and it's a really uncomfortable place to be.  I've had some mixed feelings about having another baby so soon but it's happening and we need to get ready for it.  I have a growing collection of baby girl clothes (don't worry, I'm saving Water's clothes too, just in case) and D and I just spent most of our lunch hour talking about how to arrange four kids five and under in two bedrooms  and how to handle travel to Majuro for court. 

D has some things going on in the back ground of our lives that I can't share here just yet but to keep himself sane in the mean time, he's started designing us a house.  I've finally convinced him that there's no way we're building this any time soon, he's still having fun finding ways to make it functional, green, and small.  One of the most fun tools I've found in this process is Homestyler.com.  It's a free site that let's you design your own home, right down to the coffee table book.  Got a few hours to waste?  Give it a try.

No, not really.  I just couldn't leave these two out!

How was your week?  Has school started for you yet (and is that a good thing or a bad thing)?  Do you have anything in your life that's just for you, that you have to carve time out for every week? 

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  1. School started two weeks ago here. I don't have kids, but I watch my niece who is 16-months-old while her parents (both teachers) are at work. So I'm very excited about the beginning of the school year so I will get extra time with Sofie!

    1. Hi Angela- thanks for stopping by! 16 months old is a great age, one of my favorites at least. I hope you have fun with your niece!

  2. Hi Amber - I just caught up on your last several posts. Thanks for what you share and the fabulous pictures too! Glad the start to kindergarten has gone well. Our kids started on 8/19 so we are already into the 3rd week of school I have not gotten done all that I thought I might with some extra alone hours during the day - - but glad to grocery shop without all 3 kids with me, and make some phone calls without interruption! You have a lot coming in September with child #4 and whatever is looming for D with jobs. May you continue to find peace and joy in your daily routines!

    1. Hi Lois! Isn't it funny how you imagine that you'll get so much done during the time that the kids are gone and end up only checking a few things off your list? I feel that way on weekends when I manage to get the house to myself.
      I hope school is going well for your kids. Sky still loves it and we are so glad :)

  3. What a great week! Starting Kindergarten is such a big deal--I'm glad it went well. And good luck preparing for the new baby!!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Hi Tif- Thanks for reading and thanks for hosting the link up!


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