How to Throw an Amazing First Birthday Party!

Want to throw your own super-duper, amazing, awe-inspiring first birthday party?  I did and it was fabulous!  I know you're thinking, "How can I do that?"  Fear not, my friend, the post below contains all the information you need to throw your own Amazing First Birthday Party (to make Pinterest pinning easier, all the suggestions are on the pictures). 

Wasn't that AMAZING?  I know you're going to run out and rent an empty gym and rec room for your own child's first birthday party right now! 

Sarcasm aside, Water's party really was pretty great.  We were going to hold it at the beach but bad weather forced a last-minute location change, hence the gym and rec room.  We had almost 80 people come to celebrate our sweet boy's first birthday.  After being trapped indoors by rain all week, all the kids loved having room to run.  Water had fun in the baby bounce house and chased basketballs all over the gym.  Everyone had a good time, including Water, and that's what counts.

Happy Birthday, Water!  You are a light in our family's life!


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