High Five for Friday # 21: Water is Turning One!

  High Five, ya'll- my baby is turning one this weekend!  It's been an amazingly long and short year, all at once.  I won't retrace all of it for you (there was so much puking that I would rather forget!) but if you'd like to reminisce a bit, click on "Water" in the Categories box there on the right. 

  In honor of our special boy, this High Five post will be all about Water

Look how much he's grown!

He's walking!  (I know I shared this last week.  Is that cheating?)

He's talking!  If you listen closely, you can hear Water say "He-yo?" twice in the video when I put the phone to his ear.  He also says "no" and "buhbuh" for bye-bye.  After dealing with Sky and Fire's language delays, it's amazing to me to have a child that's speaking so early. 


When it comes to eating, this boy has been a champ from the get-go.  While we were on Kosrae, he decided that he was done with baby food and has only eaten real food since.  He's also almost graduated from his high chair because he's gotten to large to fit in it.  This baby isn't just hitting his milestones- he's smashing them like the Hulk!

Water is taking after his big brother when it comes to first birthday parties.  Fire had four first birthday parties (see here, here, and here) and Water is coming up close behind with three: his nanny is throwing him one today, we're having a big community party tonight, and we'll have our small family party tomorrow night where he'll get his presents.

Our family is so blessed to have had this year with Water and we can't wait to see what the next one holds.  Water brings joy to all of us and I can't imagine our lives without him.


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