One Week on Kosrae

  I'm so, so glad that we decided to go ahead with our vacation on Kosrae!  There seemed to be so many good reasons for cancelling: it was too soon after Fire's surgery, we should save the money and vacation time for our upcoming adoption, it would be easier on the kids to not go.  In the end, D and I decided that we could all use a break from our regular lives, that we all needed to be someplace else for just a little while.

  It was the right decision and we had a really good time.  Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows- both Water and Sky had trouble sleeping and Water decided to pick up screaming (great timing now that Fire has finally stopped) but for the most part, everyone enjoyed themselves and we were able to work through things when we needed to.  The highlights of the trip for the kids were the pool at the hotel and the rental car.  D loved driving and the relaxed pace of things and I enjoyed seeing mountains and forests and exploring someplace new.  While Kosrae has poverty on a similar level to Ebeye, because of the ease of subsistence there and the smaller population, it was much less strident.  The mental break from being cognizant of others' hardship was good for D and I, as was being on the receiving end of the small acts of kindness that we received throughout the trip.
  We came home if not exactly refreshed then at least ready to tackle the changes that are in store for our family and that was just what we all needed. 

Our tradition is to take a family picture with our luggage before every trip.  I know I'm making a face in this one but it's the best we got!

We thought we were going to drive off the island before we found this waterfall!  Once we finally did find it, the sign (the only sign for it) didn't clarify much...

This girl LOVES hiking!

This boy doesn't even like it.

Sky called these "rainbow trees".  We hiked up to see a whole valley of them and they were amazing.  They're a kind of eucalyptus tree and the rainbow effect is caused by bits of bark peeling off.  Sky really loved seeing these trees and seeing her joy in discovering something new made any of the challenges we encountered on the short hike completely worth it.

Naps!  Man, did the kids take some great naps on this trip.  Every morning started with a trip to the pool before we headed out to explore and all the kids were bushed by nap time.

A friend tipped us off about the frogs behind our hotel at night time.  The whole field between the hotel and the mangroves was covered with frogs- big ones too.  Sky and Fire liked touching them but were too scared to pick them up.  D picked one up for them and promptly got peed on for his trouble- something the kids laughed about for the rest of the trip.


  1. Incredible trip, incredible kids, incredible parents, incredible tatts, incredible photos and my grand kids are heaven sent and adorable. Blessings for sure. I saw a sign:

    And something else... Where is David going to put another tattoo? Isn't he about to run out of body? ")

  2. Tell the kids that all turtles and frogs do is pee. I keep wondering if that is how they show affection or terror... ") tee hee..


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