Weekending, Halloween Style

It was getting close to Halloween and the kids still didn't have pumpkins to carve so when Sky's Saturday morning soccer game got rescheduled we decided to take advantage of the wide-open, beautiful day and head up to the pumpkin patch.
  We hit the corn maze first...
Naturally, we got lost.  I didn't get any pictures while we were in the maze (too busy trying to keep Sky and Fire from running off out of sight and getting lost) but believe me, we all appreciated their maze-making skills by the time we were done.
Looks like they were pretty happy to find the exit!

They had a wonderful playground

Trucks!  Earth was in his happy place

We rode the train,

jumped on a giant penguin inflatable,

 and looked at the animals.

Fire was disappointed that it wasn't a petting zoo and kept trying to sneak his fingers through the cages to get to the animals

After some lunch, we caught a tractor ride out to the pumpkin field

and each kid picked their perfect pumpkin

How did I end up holding these?!

This sneaky baby grabbed an apple and started munching on it as we were checking out! 

Fire was the last man standing (sitting?) on the drive home.  We'll call that a win!

On Sunday morning we went to church and then spent the afternoon around the house.  In the evening the kids each picked a super hero mask and cape and we headed into the zoo for their Halloween event, Boo at the Zoo

Fire insisted on wearing the dragon costume and then wouldn't let me take his pictures

I think Sky faced off with this mummy for at least a minute.  I think she thought if she didn't acknowledge that there was something scary in front of her, than it wouldn't be there

 The zoo did a great job with the lights and Halloween inflatables and the kids loved how everything looked so different at night time

We asked Earth if he wanted to meet the werewolf and he said, "Uh uh!"  We introduced them anyway but he wasn't having it!

He was having the candy though!  Earth kept sneaking his hand into everyone's candy bucket and eating their candy.  I think he actually ate a few wrappers too!

D and Sky did the Scary Loop haunted house
 (When he came out, D said the crowds outside the haunted house were scarier)

The picture is blurry but look how excited Earth is! 
 He saw the R2-D2 robot and ran right up to it.  He high-fived the Jedi and couldn't take his eyes off the lightsaber

Of course, D had to have a picture with the Sith

  The kids stayed up late, had too much candy, and fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I love weekends here in Tucson and this one was another great one.

How was your weekend?  Are you ready for Halloween?


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