Captain Underpants!

  So guess who's started potty training for real now, not just going a few times every now and then at school?  I was so surprised the morning that he chose to use the potty and wear underpants on his own, because for about two weeks before that, he'd run from the bathroom screaming, "No pie, no pie!"  And here he is, wearing underpants and coming home from school in the same pair that we sent him in.  I'm truly hoping it sticks.  We won't push him but it would be such a nice change from potty training Sky.  She, understandably, chose not to use the potty as a way to control her world- maybe we've gotten lucky and Fire is choosing the opposite. 
  I wish I could post a picture here of Fire in his little y-front Mickey Mouse underpants!  He is so cute it just about makes my heart explode. Unfortunately, the internet never forgets so you'll have to live with the picture above, taken while he was "reading".  One of the things I love about kids' transition to underpants is how much bigger it makes their pants- one minute you're squeezing to button them up and the next, they're hanging around their backside.
  Keep up the good work Fire, you'll get the hang of potty training soon enough!


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