Four Days in Honolulu

In between all the quarantine to come and go from Honolulu for Earth's naturalization, he and I got to spend four days doing all the things that he's missed since 2019.
We stayed at a great hotel just a few blocks from the ocean and short walk from the tourist center of Honolulu

We were on one of the top floors and had great views, day or night
Earth loved the Army Museum and we ended up going twice in two days

Earth climbed trees whenever I would let him

We had shave ice,
ice cream,
and Banan shakes

Seriously, those things are the best!
Of course, Starbucks for me
We checked out the zoo

The Children's Discovery Center

and the Aquarium

And of course, we went to the beach.  I was surprised at what a great time Earth and I both had at the beach since we go pretty often on Kwajalein and the beach was much more crowded then we're used to.  We went three times and Earth had so much fun that I had to drag him away every time.
There was a mix up with our return quarantine reservation so we ended up with an extra day in Honolulu.  Since we'd already checked out of our other hotel, we decided to live it up and check into the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Go big when trying to go home? Why not!

In between all of that, Earth rode every escalator he could find

We got a bit of work done (you should see Earth's spreadsheets!)

and practiced writing
and sight words.  If you look closely you can see that Earth wrote "but" on the balcony.  It was his favorite sight work and made him laugh like crazy whenever we got to it in the deck.
  It wasn't all beaches and vegan milkshakes.  Earth hated, hated, hated leaving his family again.  Even though we had a calendar to help him count the days until we got to go home, he really struggled with the separation and cried almost every day. 
Zoo, aquariums, and Army Museums are cool but not as cool as being surrounded by your family.



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