Swim Meet Highlights


Time for another swim meet!  

Only Earth wanted to have me take a picture of his race numbers.  Check out the looks on these two:

I promised Sky this would be the only picture I would take of her outside the pool this meet and still couldn't get her to smile.  Moms are embarrassing!

Killing time before the meet starts with a staring contest
I didn't get too many pictures of Sky since she's in the middle of her heats and because she swims close to the water line anyway, there isn't much to capture.  She had a pretty good meet with a few personal bests and swam her fastest when she was the anchor leg on an IM relay with other kids in her school class.

Earth is a good swimmer but since he's still so young, he was only in three events: freestyle, backstroke, and a relay.  

Earth was really nervous before his leg of the relay because he'd never jumped off the bulkhead wall before and was afraid he was going to jump on his team mate.  When he finally did jump, he cleared her by a good three feet

Allow me to introduce the Kwajalein Swim Team's newest coach:

This is A, one of the swim coaches here and Water adores her.  She also helps out with the afterschool program and is always so patient with all the kids.  They all love her but she's Water's favorite person in the world right now.

Sky and Earth had good meets but this was really Water's turn to shine.  He improved by 2-3 seconds and earned personal bests in every race

You may have noticed that Fire wasn't in this meet.  We let each of the kids choose if they wanted to participate in every meet and skip two practices or attend every practice and skip one meet.  Fire chose the latter and this was the meet he skipped. I would have preferred that the kids do all the meets and all the practices but since we're insisting that they do swim team, giving them the choice of how they participate still gives them some control and that's a compromise I can live with.  


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