Shaving Cream Social

This Kwaj tradition get more fun every year!

Two days before the event, a small ravine near the softball fields is flooded with about a foot or so of ground water and then fenced off.  There are different age groups to make sure that no one gets smooshed and parents have to go in with the pre-schoolers.  I'm not sure how I feel about finally having kids that can go in to the ravine without me- it's kind of a happy/sad milestone.  

The weather was perfect, all the kids were excited to play with their friends, and everyone had a great time.  I love these sweet traditions that make Kwaj so special!

One of sky's friend's hurt her foot recently and had her foot in a cast.  I know E would have preferred to be running around and chasing her friends but I'm thankful that they were able to work out a way for E to be a part of things and that her friends made sure she was included

 It made Earth's night when he got to use Ms C's megaphone to tell the big kids it was time to get out!

Another great shaving cream social in the books!  

For a little look back, all the way back in 2013: Sky's first shaving cream social


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