Home Made Valentines

 Yours truly completely forgot to buy boxes of Valentine's day cards for all the kids.  The mail has been super slow lately and by the time I realized that I'd forgotten, there was no way they would have gotten to Kwaj in time for the holiday.  I decided that we would make home made ones instead and set out to replicate the ones I made for Sky when she was little:

All the kids loved the idea and were really excited to take their pictures

Sky only has 8 kids in her class and finished her valentines really quickly but I knew it took the boys a little longer so we started a few weeks ahead.  They sat down with their class lists and wrote names and then glued their pictures to the paper.

I helped with the cutting part and then they put the suckers in and taped them down.  I don't have any pictures of the finished product but they were all very happy with how they turned out and enjoyed giving them to their friends. 


  1. Hope you all are well! From, a longtime reader.


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