Makin' Bacon

As in, make your own amazing, wonderful, delicious bacon like D did!
Sometimes it can be hard to get things on Kwaj and this time, for a little while at least, one of the things you couldn't get was bacon.  You could take the ferry over to Ebeye to buy it or you could buy a slab of frozen pork belly at the store and make it yourself.  Since one of D's eternal loves is his smoker, he opted to buy the pork belly and make us some bacon.
After brining in a bag for about a week, the pork belly when into the fridge to dry age

Ready for slicing!
Sliced and prepped for vacuum sealing and freezing 
(a trick to living on Kwaj: freeze EVERYTHING!)

The first batch about to go in the oven
This second picture was taken just a few minutes after the first- that's how quickly our family tucked into the bacon.  It was gone just a few minutes later.



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