An Unexpected Meeting

 I got a message from a friend on Ebeye shortly before Christmas saying that she'd met someone there who knew us.  It turned out it was Sky's birth father!  We'd lost touch with him years ago, even before we moved to Arizona, and now here he was, finishing up some work on Ebeye before flying home to Lib where he lives now.  We tried several times to meet up with him but it never worked out until the morning he was flying home.  Sky got to spend a short half hour with him before school.  She's still super shy and couldn't think of any questions for him but at least we know how to contact him now so if anything comes up, she will still have access to the answers.


  1. that little girl is uncommonly beautiful. she's gonna be a heartbreaker down the road. and the boys are too. don't know your story but you got some fine kids there..just lookin at kwajelein on google earth and happened on your blog. best to you and yours from colorado. i think my sister in law spent part of her childhood on kwajelein when her dad was stationed there,

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments and for stopping by the blog!


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