Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was all about Jesus...
And Christmas day was all about capitalism!
Our kids are the only grandkids on D's side and the only "grandkids" for their godparents so things tend to get a little crazy on Christmas morning.

Excited for Christmas but not ready to be awake yet...

W started with stockings

Sky's favorite- Toblerone!
One of our traditions is to put an orange in the toe of each stocking- Earth is still little enough to be surprised by it but I think Water just wanted to get on to the presents.

And then all the opening:

The kids loved all their presents and we managed to get just the right amount this year.  Not pictured was the gift the boys got from their godparents- a Nintendo Switch.  They'd been begging and begging for one since we moved here and their wonderful godparents stepped up.  While d got the new video game system up and running for the boys, Sky started into a Lego kit

When we lived here before, it was our tradition on Christmas to take the kids to the beach after presents and have a picnic lunch there, then head to Ebeye to watch the dances.  This year we had an invitation to celebrate Christmas dinner with some friends of ours and since we know they'll be moving away in about a year, we chose to spend the time with them.  Our kids still don't like going to Ebeye and D and I didn't feel like fighting with them on Christmas so he stayed on Kwaj with the kids while I put on my prettiest muumuu and headed to Ebeye to see Elizabeth and Job and bring them their presents.

 I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours was!


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