Sky's Birthday

Sky is 11!
Since Sky's actual birthday fell on a weeknight, we had her family party after the boys' holiday choir concert.  Sky requested taco salads for her special dinner and brownies and ice cream for her birthday treat.
First the singing...

After everyone finished their brownies and ice cream, Sky tore into her gifts

Only a Kwaj kid could get that excited about a bike basket!  She'd been asking for a bigger one since we moved here and my brother and sister-in-law sent here one that was just right.

Her godfather sent her a box of legos and Sky was over the moon about it.  I promise she's not hamming for the camera- she really, really loves legos!

Sky loved the necklace from my mother, the perfect thing to wear for special occasions

And that giant box from Mama and Daddy, a Lego tree house set!
Happy birthday, to the bestest, most wonderful girl in our family!  You're having a wonderful year and I love seeing the young woman you're growing in to.  I can't wait to see what the next year holds for you!



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