Little Bits of Life

I work at the holiday events and got to take a picture with Santa and Mrs Claus!

Water, Fire, and I participated in the Kwajalein Police Football Challenge, and Water and I both won for our age groups.  To be fair, I was the only woman in my age group participating winning is winning, right?!  Water won a gift certificate to the food court and used it for a lunch date with D.

All my mom wanted for Christmas this year was a nice picture of the family at the beach... I'm sorry Mom, we tried and this was the best we got!

D says my new top from StitchFix matches my beach drinks cup.  I guess that's a compliment and I'll take what I can get!

Earth has gotten really good at catching geckos and lizards and picks them up every time he can.  He's now my go-to rescuer for anything that ends up in the house that needs to be put back outside


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