Christmas Eve

I think they're starting to catch on that the present they get to open on Christmas Eve is always pajamas...
Yup.  Every year, nothing but new pajamas on Christmas Eve

  This kid didn't mind at least!
(And for the record, they were super cozy Land's End jammies with sloths on strings of Christmas Lights- nothing to be upset about there!)

This is what our Christmas Eve services looked like:
We're home-churching right now and it was a natural extension to have our Christmas Eve service at home when we found out that the candlelight service at the Chapel would be longer and geared more towards adults (read- D and I would spend the entire time trying to control our kids while they got nothing out of it and we would all go home annoyed).  While I miss the community of going to church, it was nice to have the evening be on our schedule and to be able to focus on the real meaning of Christmas with the kids.  A friend pointed me towards the Focus on the Family Home Candle Light Service and gave me some of her tealights.  We printed out the readings, found the songs on the internet so we could sing along with them, and set things up in the dining room.  There were a few rough moments between Earth trying to burn the table with the lighter and D and I needing to threaten the kids with early bedtimes if they couldn't stay at the table and participate, but overall, it was actually a really great, really meaningful little service.  It was just what our family needed to be reminded of the meaning of all this and a lovely way to move into Christmas.



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