Gospel Day on Ebeye


Gospel Day dances at the Full Gospel Church on Ebeye

  Gospel day is almost as big as Christmas here in the Marshall Islands- a national holiday that celebrates the arrival of the first missionaries.  Church groups will spend weeks practicing their dances in the hopes of being the best in their age group.
  None of the kids really wanted to go over but because we have family on Ebeye, we went because it was important for them to be there.  I had always loved going when we lived here before and I hoped this kids would enjoy seeing the groups perform.
 A few pictures from the ferry ride over


We got there just in time to see the little kids dance.  I always loved watching them and had hoped that our kids might want to join a jepta someday but so far, none of them have been interested. 

Earth was so disinterested in the dances that he fell asleep!  At least Elizabeth got a good cuddle out of it
 Earth wasn't the only kid not terribly happy to be there...
All smiles on the boat home, of course!



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