Yes, the title is to be read in a teenage girl's voice. We just met Heaven. The CAA called and said do we want to meet her, ok then, we'll be over in 15 minutes.

She is just as adorable and beautiful as all the pictures! She loved the baby einstein octopus we selected to break the ice. She was curious about us, and not too afraid. We both got a chance to hold her and it went well.

With no further ado...pictures:
Here she is first meeting us and Tako.

And here she is at lunch...still w/ Tako.

She liked playing w/ Ribelle hands and skin :)

Oh, and daddy's girl loved the Vulcan "live long and prosper" gesture!

As new parents we don't seem to have this feeding her thing down. She preferred to eat the table. Something tells me feeding a toddler has never been very easy for anyone. Advice? Stories?

Mommy got brave after lunch and held her...then immediately went to wooing her with rapid inversions.

I got the chance to hold her before dinner, but no pictures. I showed her the fish...and showed her Aunt my inexperience w/ comfortable, sustainable arm positions.

And then the first mommy-daughter pose was won. Hopefully this won't be the last happy one for awhile. Poor cute little girl has some changes ahead.

So she is heading to the hospital w/ the CAA, the social worker and her Aunt, and will be back later this afternoon. We're still all butterflies, but so happy! We're also glad to not be associated w/ the doctors just yet. Apparently, ice cream is in order after such ordeals. Good. That's always been fair currency in our family. Ask Amber about daddy's heavy luggage, missing toenail and extra large shake in the process of traveling here.


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