First Days

  We had our court date yesterday. It went quite smoothly. It was all very professional, but there was a touch of humor in the courtroom.

  Prior to court, we met Heaven/Sky's father, Vinay. We really liked him, and promised to stay in touch. He may want to move back to Fiji in the future, which sounds like a great excuse for a vacation for us to take Sky to go see him. The next picture shows all of us, Vinay, Heaven's guardian Aunt, Agnes, and the rest. I know this is hard for everyone, but it all felt very amiable and desired...which was important to us.

 Agnes and Vinay helped us bring Sky back to the room so we could start the "process." By process, let me just say I've dubbed one of my t-shirts "the shirt of one thousand tears." It was fine because we expected it. First, we let her cry herself to sleep. Then, she was curious and fine for awhile. When Agnes stopped by a second time, as we had asked for the transition, though...serious waterworks! That poor thing cried herself into a temporary fever. Finally that led to sleep. It was pretty well, wake up, eat, cry for the first whole day. She did well whenever things peaked her curiosity, but back in the room...

 Here's A holding Sky in one of the happier moments!

Next, we see Sky after passing out. Yes, I do plan on giving her bunny ears in about 60% of her photos. I'm her dad now. Deal with it!

Today was a whole different story. Curiosity abounded, and we took her out on the town. We stopped by our Lawyer's office to tiddy up some paperwork. He offered to drive us around on a tour. It was awesome. We got insight to the Marshalls you could never get anywhere else. We met his really great family out here and talked of all things Micronesian...a rare conversation, I must say :)

Here we see Sky starting the day w/ a new and probably long lasting favorite toy: Daddy's wallet!

We've seen it in other toddler adoption blogs and the social worker warned us of it, but they prefer daddy at first. A's been great and super stable through this whole thing. Still we needed the girls to have their time together. A is now sleeping w/ Sky in her very own shirt of one thousand tears:

All in all we consider ourselves so extraordinarily blessed! We as SO HAPPY to have this beautiful and smart little girl in our midst.


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