Goodbye Ebeye

   There they are, all the things that made up our life on Ebeye over the last year.  My friend Katie came over and we spend three hours packing- I think most of it was Earth's toys!  That boy came here with three matchbox cars and left with five boxes of toys.

   The morning after we packed, three of my friends from work came to help me move everything from the apartment to Kwajalein.  Thompson had a truck so that made things a lot faster.

 Ready to go on the ferry!

 Goodbye Ebeye!
While this was a life-changing experience and I learned so much during this year, I can't say that I'm sorry it's over.  A friend joked once that someday I'll look back on all this and laugh but I think it will be a while before I want to look back on this year at all.

  That evening we had a potluck beach party with Earth's friends to make sure he had one more chance to play with them before we left.  He had an awesome time and I loved that we could stay as long as he wanted to without having to rush off to catch a ferry back to Ebeye.

  Just a few more days until our family is together again! 


  1. I have been following you since about 2015 and I am so happy for your family to be back together again!! What a year of craziness for your whole family. Enjoy being together!!

    1. Thanks for sticking with us for so long! We are loving being back together again and thankful for everything that we learned during that hard separation. It was a pretty awful time for us but has ended up with great outcomes for all of us.


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