Back to School!

  The kids started in-person school on Kwajalein today!  It's always hard to start at a new school but since the bigger kids have been on homeschool because of quarantines since late March so they were a little extra nervous about starting back.  Drop off went smoothly and when I saw them at lunch (no cafeteria, they eat at home!), they all said they had a good morning.

  We love the schools here and I'm really hopeful that this is a good school year for them.  Their classes are small; Sky's only has 9 students, the school day is short, and the teachers don't assign regular homework beyond reading and spelling practice.  I'm looking forward to them enjoying school again rather than seeing it as work and having lots of free time in the evenings for friends and sports.

Fire was happy to be going back to school but not happy to have his picture taken



D made a sign for his first day at his new job

He and I, us again!


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