Gluten Free, Dairy Free Blueberry Cake


  If you know me, you know I love to bake and my recent diagnosis with celiac disease and severe lactose intolerance has really put a cramp in my baking style.  Now that I have access to ingredients and a real kitchen again, I'm starting to revamp some of my family's favorite recipes.  My first success: blueberry cake!

  My kids really like something sweet for breakfast and while I prefer to feed them something healthy, I'm okay with treats every once in a while.  I could go on for ages about cake for breakfast, adapting recipes, and being gluten and diary free but I always skip right to the recipe myself, so I won't make you wait!

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Blueberry Cake

1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup sugar
2 eggs (see note)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup soy milk (see note)
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups gluten free flour mix (see note)
1 1/2 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen

-Preheat oven to 375 degrees
-Spray bottom and sides of 8x8 pan with cooking spray (see note)
-Mix oil and sugar together until well blended
-Add eggs, vanilla, and milk and mix well
-Add baking powder, salt, and 1 cup of flour and stir until smooth, then blend in second cup of flour 
-Gently fold in blueberries until well distributed through mix
-Pour mixture into greased pan and smooth top
-Bake for 40 minutes; cake is done with toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.

Recipe notes:
-I used whole eggs but flax seed "eggs" or chia seed "eggs" can also be used
-I used soy milk but almond milk or regular milk would work in this recipe as well
-I prefer King Arthur brand One-for-One gluten free flour but feel free to try other brands if you have a preference.
-You can also use a 9x9 pan or 12 cup muffin tin but baking times will vary

   Would you let me know if you try this recipe and if you make any further substitutions?  
Happy baking!


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