On The Way to Kwaj, Part 2

September 25, 2020

 Because of the new arrival procedures, we were scheduled to fly into Honolulu several days before our flight to Kwajalein, and because of the coronavirus quarantines in Hawaii we had to stay at the house the whole time rather than sightseeing.  Just like in Tucson, we wanted to make this as fun as we could for the kids so we made sure to rent another house with a pool:

Tropical oasis? Yes, please!

I promise, it wasn't always sunshine, rainbows, and giant splashes in the pool.  We started homeschooling the kids again so part of each day looked like this:

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  1. You were so smart with the way you scheduled out this trip and transition and made it so fun! What an awesome house and pool! Your dedication to your children is very awe-inspiring! And I hope things continue to go well!


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