An Evening and Morning at Emon Beach

   After all the time spent in quarantine, we're spending as much time at the beach as we can!

  We headed down to Emon with friends after work on Saturday and were back again after church on Sunday.  The kids love to swim and splash in the water and D and I love that they're old enough now that we can just relax on the beach and have a conversation while they play.

How we roll...

Sky and her friends

Heaven on earth for my kids: Burger King at the beach with friends!

Another beautiful sunset

Back again at the beach with Water

Me and my girl

Thoughtful boys


The grill master at work making bacon-wrapped hotdogs for lunch

I'm sure as we get more settled in and the kids get more involved with friends and activities these long, peaceful stretches of time at the beach won't happen quite so often but right now, they're just what we need to finish coming back together as a family.


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